One-Page Info Site

A Bootstrap based one-page info site. In the sample I base the website on a firm of Solicitors, however I site like this would be suitable for small businesses in almost any field. The design features a large cover image at the top of the page with a subtle navigation menu, which transforms as the user scrolls down the page. The menu its self links to certain sections of the page which instigates a smooth scroll down to the section the user would like to see.

One-Page Info Site


A One-Page Website for Your Business

With advances in web design over recent years, particularly the introduction of HTML5 and CSS3, one-page websites are becoming increasingly popular.  Not only does this give your potential customers all the information they need in one place, it also makes them very mobile-friendly.  If this is something you would like for your business, please get in touch.

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Hi, I'm Dan...I specialise in creating bespoke marketing information sites and small e-commerce (shop) websites. Tailored to marketing or selling your products or services successfully online.
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